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The ICT unit helps deliver high quality ICT infrastructure and support to meet PAPP's needs. The unit is responsible for designing, implementing, managing, providing support to PAPP's computing technology infrastructure and facilities. In addition, the unit provides desktop, network and email support to PAPP and other UN sister agencies (when required).


Automated Business Processes

When you first start working for UNDP/PAPP, you will need to get the following items:

  • E-mail Account
  • Network Login - Username & Password
  • Access to PAPP's Virtual Private Network
  • ATLAS Login - Username & Password
Operations - ICT
  • Desktop Support Request Traking System
Operations - Finance
  • Bank Transfers
  • Recurrent Salary Bank Transfers
  • VAT Claims System
Operations - HR
  • On-Line application System
  • On-Line Exam System
  • Leave Monitor System
  • Contract Management System
Operations - Common Services
  • Maintenance Service Request Traking System
  • Video Conference Reservation System
  • Agency Cost Recovery System
  • Events Registration System
  • Intern System
  • Permits Tracking System
Operations - Travel
  • Airline Booking System
  • Security Database
  • Suppliers Registration Form
  • CAP Management System
Staff Association (SAC)
  • SAC Blog